We Think Recruiting Fees are Too High

RD Worldwide is a search & staffing firm that specializes in finding top talent for your organization. We are confident that you would find the client service provided by RD Worldwide far exceeds that of the typical recruiting agency.

  • Our average recruiting cycle (from assignment to accepted offer) is less than 45 days.
  • Our focus is on total fit – as a result over 90% of the people we placed 4 years ago are still with the client.

Aggressive research and sophisticated profiling techniques based on proven behavioral models and tested over the last 12 years enable us to present to you candidates that meet the requirements set forth by you, our client.

Our flat fee, regardless of salary, allows our customers to use us as their external recruiter, whenever needed without worrying about going over budget.

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Our Recruiting Process

Market the client company’s assignment

  • Interview the appropriate company representative for information on position and company
  • Develop a marketing plan. Elements can include:
    • Direct contacts and referral network
    • Direct mail or e-mail campaign
    • Our international network of professional recruiting firms
    • Competitive company sourcing
  • Develop lists of potential candidates
    • By abilities/experience
    • By job function/title
    • By geographic region
  • Recruit from lists, from our database, and from memory
    • Enthusiastically present the career opportunity
  • Apprise the hiring manager of our progress
  • Interview in-person, qualify and evaluate candidates
  • Anticipate possible problems
    • Counteroffer, relocation, non-compete contracts

Arrange interviews for client company to meet candidates

  • Present candidates verbally and with resume
  • Recommend the appropriate interviews
  • Arrange each interview
    • Prepare candidate
    • Brief company representative

Get decisions that establish placements

  • Debrief candidate and employer
    • Move ahead with this candidate? Why?
    • Interview other candidates? Why?
    • Maintain or change the direction of the search? Why?
  • Arrange subsequent interviews
    • Assist employer with terms of offer
    • Present offer to candidate
    • Negotiate the differences


  • Counsel the future employee on resigning from his current employer
  • Confirm the commencement of employment
  • Follow up with candidate and company representative within 30 days
    • Telephone call
    • Evaluation questionnaire to candidate
    • Evaluation questionnaire to company